About us

Our story

Cobrex Trans, a Romanian operator founded in 1994, has a vast tradition in the aeronautical industry in Romania and our main priorities are flight safety and comfort to all our passengers.

At the moment, our fleet is composed of one Boeing 737-300 series, registered YR-CBK, that operates commercial flights, as well as one AS 365N1 helicopter, YR-CBB, based on the heliport in Brasov County.

From the very beginning, we were fully committed to provide best aviation services under strict European standards. Therefore, we are certified by the Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority to carry out passengers and cargo operations in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Our vision

The company’s vision is to provide all passengers the best and safest traveling solutions.

We are inspired by the philosophy “the world is a book, and those who do not travel can read only one page of it” and we therefore trust we can offer unforgettable experiences to those who choose us.

Our mission and values

Today, the civil aviation industry is in constant motion, so our mission is to show our customers that they can quickly access the desired destinations and added safety onboard our aircraft every day.

We are guided by the fact that each achieved destination is a reason for personal fulfillment, development and easier access for each and every customer, so we aim to inspire confidence in the services provided by strictly following the highest standards of safety and comfort.

We believe that in order to be a part of this demanding industry and flourish, two distinctive elements must be our foundation: the company’s tradition and the team of professionals. We know that each of us has a clear role, but only together we can make a difference.

Cobrex Trans professional team of executives, pilots, cabin crew, technicians, and administrative staff allows us to be dynamic, and the expertise that everybody has in the industry is an asset on the commercial air transport market.

Our crew

Cabin Crew

Our cabin crew is always there for you with a smile and positive attitude

To make sure you get the best service, we carefully select our staff by the highest standards.

In order for them to be at their best all the time, we constantly train them with the latest know-how needed to provide you the best service on your next journey with us.

Their positive attitude will charm you from the very start.

Flight Crew

Our flight crew – higly qualified pilots with passion for flying

When it comes to choosing our pilots, we know exactly that professionalism and experience must be in their blood.

We are only looking for pilots who can make you feel safe, making sure it runs smoothly all along the runway, and beyond.

Don’t worry we take care – our pilots are here to ensure your flight safety.